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Classic Slots - Tips and Strategies

Some Bingo Sites offer Classic Slots for you to play as well as Bingo. They are a great place to start for people who have not played slots online yet. We have gather some great tips and strategies to help you improve your chances in winning or just lengthening the time you get to play. Just choose from the list below.


Slots Basics - It all comes down to numbers

Slots, one of the easiest games to play, just throw your money in and pull the handel. It is usually where most people start out when the first go gambling. What could be more exciting then seeing that siren go off when you win the jackpot? I am sure that most people have tried playing slots at some point. So what is the difference between online slots and land based slots, and how do you increase your chances of winning at slots?

Well one of the Best things about Online Slots is that your chances are better than they are in a land based casino. The reason for this is that Online Bingo Sites do not have the same overhead as land based casinos, therefore the money they save goes right into the hands of their players. Most payout rates fall around 95-98%. These numbers are great especially for people who have not played online Slots before, you are going to win lots playing online, but the most important thing to remember is that the longer you play a machine the greater your chances are that all your money will be gone.

One important thing to remember, especially in Online slots, is that there are no hot machines, winnings are based on stats. Just because a machine has just paid off does not mean that it will not pay off again on the next spin. Same goes for the reverse, just because a machine has not paid off in a long time does not mean it is due to pay off. It all comes down to statistics, and statistics have no memory. Think of it like this, flipping a coin, heads or tails. Lets say you got ten heads in a row, then you would think that the chances would be high that on the next flip you would get tails, but the chance is still exactly the same 50-50. The way Classic Slots work is exactly the same, so try not to get caught in this mentality.


Set your Goals and know your Limits

A very important thing to do is to know your limits before you start playing. Slots offer a large range denominations to choose from, so it is important to determine what the best value is for you to play. If you are looking to play longer and just to have fun then play on the lower side of you range. If you are looking for a chance to win big then go a little high. Obviously you can not have both. A good thing to do is to set out a limit on how much you want to spend before you start out. It is good to do this and try to stick to it, that way you will not find yourself getting into trouble. Also good rule of thumb is if you make 20%-25% over you limit, you should stop playing and take your winnings.


VERY IMPORTANT - Check the paytables

The first thing that you should do before you start playing any slots game is to check out the paytable. It is important to know what you win based on how you bet. Some of the machines only payoff the big wins when you bet the max, so make sure you take this into account. It is also good to know the value of each symbol.


Greed - This is what the Online Bingo Sites are counting on

People are always wanting more and this is why the Bingo Sites make money. It is hard to stop playing after you win a average amount because there is always a change of that big win. Remember from above, if you make 20%-25% on top of what you started with, you are doing well and should take your winnings.


Progressive Slots

Progressive Slots are great. Not only do you have the usual chances of winning the regular amounts, but you also have the chance of winning the big jackpot! Some of these jackpots can get huge. The most import thing to do while playing a Progressive Slot Game is to check the paytable. Most Progressive Slot Game require you to bet the max in order to have a chance at winning the Jackpot. If you are not going to bet the max while you play I would suggest that you do not want to play a Progressive Jackpot game, especially one with a huge payoff, you just do not need the torture of seeing the right combo come up and realizing that you did not win it because you did not bet the max.

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