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How Online Casino Bonuses Work

Why do internet casinos offer bonuses to beginners in their directories? The answer is not hard at all: to attract them to play casino games as much as they can, as often as they can and to make them stay loyal to their site if possible. You will soon observe that most of their offers are based on the so called “free money bonus”. They will offer you some percentage of your deposit under the idea of free money for having you play at their casino.

If you are interested in online casino gambling and you’ve come across a site that says you can play for free without having to give anything in return, than it’s obvious that it’s to good to be true and it’s not worth wasting you time with it. Unfortunately many casinos blind beginners into spending all their money with this method.

Popular Online Casinos usually have three types of bonuses for the beginner:

There is a “sign-up bonus”, which is offered exclusively to the new customer and the amount of this varies. There’s a so called straight cash bonus sometimes mentioned as a no-deposit bonus that some casinos offer,but these are very rare. Yet most of the top online casinos offer 50 or even 100 percent of a deposit.

Another kind of bonus is the “reload bonus”, which some sites provide. This bonus is given to the player after depositing another sum of money into the account which is already activated. Some of these reload bonuses are immediately available, while others become bonus points.

The third type of bonus that online casinos offer is the “referral bonus”. This is the most simple of them all and it is given to the player after referring another player to the casino. Generally the referral bonus money is not available until the referred player doesn’t wager a certain amount of money.

Of course there are a lot of other kinds of bonuses that might entice you to start playing casino games, but always remember to read the conditions and terms of the bonus offers in order to understand the requirements of the casinos.