Play Smart

Setting Your Limits – Know When to Stop

Playing Online Bingo can be a lot of fun, it has a great community, lots of great bonuses. But one of the most important questions you should ask yourself before you even consider playing, DO YOU KNOW YOUR LIMITS? If you are unable to set clear limits, or if you have a tendency to having an addictive personality, you should never even try an online bingo room. We have some great information to help you decide if playing is right for you. As well as, some tips to help you set limits.
Know Your Gambling Limits

Have a Plan

A very important first step when you decided to enjoy playing online bingo for real money is to have a plan. Decide how much you are willing to spend each week/month. Cause no matter how skilled you are, there will be times where you lose. So with a set budget, even if your luck has run cold for a while you can still have a positive experience, because you will only lose the amount you decided to set aside for the entertainment value of the thrill of playing. If you go through your budget it is important to step back for a while, get out and enjoy other things you love, and then come back to play bingo next month.

Know Yourself

No one knows you like yourself. If you have addictive personality then online bingo really is not the thing for you. The fun can very quickly turn to despair if you find yourself losing control. For those of you that find yourself in that situation there is help out there. Some of the sites where you can find help are listed below.


Find a wealth of information to help you see if you have a gambling problem, and where to find help. You can contact them through live chat and by phone.


A great site to get help for gambling addictions. They have software where you can have gambling product blocked to help you. The offer help through live chat, phone, group chat, and their forum.